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Bigger on the Inside

The nerd universe is such a magical place, always expanding, evolving; there is always more nerd than any nerd can ever nerd! Instead of pacing back and forth waiting for the new Marvel and DC movies, and since a man can only take so much PowerRangers, I decided to give that Doctor Who show a …

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Back and Almost Better Than Ever!

Before he spoke like a chain-smoker, before the suit had nipples, there was a hero that truly understood the darkness, and had a very recognizable mouth. Do you know who am I referring to? Well he has a new toy now, and its pretty cool, even after all these years.


Mechanical Organism Designed Only for Collecting!

In literature, and most story-telling outlets, villains are depicted as being pretty ugly, if not completely monstrous. Opposed to the chiseled-jaw beauty of the heroic protagonist. Though the idea behind such decisions may be that the evil is inside is simply being reflected on the outside, its still pretty mean and unfair. But lets face …

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Figurin’ out the Captain

As crazy as it sounds the Captain America movie has been out for almost 3weeks now and I have yet to see it. I just have not been able to fit it into my crazy schedule! What I have been able to accommodate is picking up a few movie figures!… and by Movie Figures I mean the …

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