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SH Figuarts Spider-Man : The definitive Spidey?

Spider-Man is arguably Marvel’s most popular character, and with great popularity comes great… merchandising? Over the years we have seen ridiculous amounts of Spidey-Merch hit shelves around the world, everything from bicycles to shampoo to breakfast cereal, and of course untold numbers of action figures! But which is the definitive Spider-Man figure currently to display …

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Bigger on the Inside

The nerd universe is such a magical place, always expanding, evolving; there is always more nerd than any nerd can ever nerd! Instead of pacing back and forth waiting for the new Marvel and DC movies, and since a man can only take so much PowerRangers, I decided to give that Doctor Who show a …

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Clone in a Red Cape

For the most part I prefer villains to their hero counterparts, mainly due to the fact that the villains have more exciting and complex stories. Sure their motives are pretty predictable but their background stories are usually pretty crazy. Case in point; the mutant clone from the future known as Stryfe.


Mama Mia!

Mario. The man needs no introduction, and apparently no last name, contrary to what a certain beer commercial may tell you; Mario is the most interesting man in the world! He has touched all our lives at one point or another, in one form or another, and as hard as it may be to believe, …

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Her name is Elizabeth.

There are many reasons why certain figures are purchased over others; some characters are needed because they are favorites, or are needed to complete a team, or sometimes its just a really snazzy looking character we know nothing about but comes with a cool chair. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth, I am sure we …

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What Big Claws You Have!

As mentioned in previous post regarding my fun at FanExpo and all the crap I bought, I’m going to be posting reviews here and there for figures bought. So here we go! To start we have one of the coolest archenemies in Marvel-dom, much like what Venom is to Spider-Man, we have Wolverine’s best pal! …

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Tale of 2 Bats

Batmen are a dime a dozen. I think its fair to say that every toy collector has or has had a Batman at some point. Consider the crazy variants and takes on the character in regards to movies, cartoons, and money-hungry toy-makers and you know there are more than enough Batmen to go around. I …

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