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The Heart behind the Plastic

I’m not a huge fan of documentaries since they usually leave me feeling guilty and cynical about the future. But every now and then a show comes around that not only educates but somehow makes you feel better about the hobby you are already passionate about! The Toys That Made Us a Netflix original doc …

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Choosing sides with Marvel Select

Normally action figures drop just before the Movie in order to get fans hyped up and sell tickets, but sometimes toy makers take their sweet time and release figures months after the movie buzz has died down, for whatever reason. This is the case for Marvel Select’s offerings from the Captain America : Civil War movie. …

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Batman v Superman : Action Figure roundup!

With less than a week to go before Batman V Superman explodes on to the big screen to either great applause or intense face palms its easy to see who the real winners are… the collectors.


Number Forty-Three

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked a hole in the world’s metaphorical speaker it would have been unclear as to who the most popular Marvel Superhero was; but after the movies its become painfully obvious that Mr.Stark has risen to the top of the shiniest of shiny heroes! With the new Avengers movie comes a …

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Courting Death

The tougher the team of heroes, the bigger and badder the villain has to be. Remember the scene after the credits in the Avengers movie? “The humans are stronger than we thought. To attack them is to court death.” says the evil Chitauri guy to the mystery character who smiles at the camera, who turns …

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Got myself a Tommy

Much as I enjoy a Snickers bar on my break at work I do sometimes feel like being reckless and punch in the numbers for a KitKat instead, usually resulting in crunchy satisfaction. Nothing like breaking routine to add some spice to your life. Same can be said with action figures! Sometimes you have to …

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Hulkbustin’ on a whole new scale

If one of your teammates is an insanely strong monster with a bad temper, it only makes sense that you have a contingency plan. Some sort of plan to BUST him up should he go to the dark side. Thanks to the over-revealing Avengers2 trailer we know this plan will come into action soon enough, …

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A New Recruit, A Familiar Face

At some point in the past years someone at Marvel wondered, “What If Spider-Man’s greatest enemy was combined with Peter Parker’s school bully?” Fortunately the idea to place the resulting character on the side of the angels also came around and so instead of a terrible Spidey-Pete hating villain we got a complicated hero, a …

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Fan Expo – Day One

Its the week before Labor Day; students are counting down the hours before another school year, summer is coming to a close, a chill in the air begins to set in… but before September comes the Canadian Nerd must embark on a yearly adventure they call Fan Expo! What began as a convention celebrating Comicbooks …

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There is no WHY in team!

Regardless of how much you dislike a character if they are on a team that you are collecting, you need to include them. Its a rule. You can sometimes try to substitute them for someone else, as team rosters do change, but you can’t just leave that slot empty. Why? Well, because you just can’t! …

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