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Kind of “Amazing” isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but, I remember when I finished reading Amazing Spider-Man #700, my exact thoughts were “WTF!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! HOW DID HE???!!!??? WHAT??!!??? …ahh, OK, I’ll give Superior Spider-Man a go… could be interesting seeing Doc Ock as Spider-Man…” But, 33 issues of “Superior Spider-Man” later (…as a super huge Spider-fan, I didn’t …

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Along Came a Spider…

Considering what a success Spider-Man is, one can’t help but wonder why he isn’t surrounded by a Spider-Family of similarly named followers. Why isn’t there a spunky Spider-Lad sidekick? Well at least there are some Spider-Ladies and one just got her first action figure!


A Shot at Amazing

In 2012 we were gifted with yet another Spider-Man movie, a reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy that ended just 5yrs prior, really not enough time for anyone to even want a reboot. But it came, we all went to see it, mixed reviews, blah blah blah, long story short Figma just released an action …

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Expo time! (hanging out with Deadpool)

After years of watching/viewing pics and videos online, hearing stories, enjoying parodies and reenactments on TV I finally did it! I finally attended a comic convention! Well not a comic-con in that its not CALLED Comic-Con but a convention of nerdy goodness all the same. The event is FanExpo, the year is 2012. Madness.


They Assembled

I told myself that I would not write a review for this movie, I figured there would be more than enough opinions going around, and that taking the movie apart would only minimize the fun I had watching it. But I figured I may as well put in text what I have been rambling about …

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