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Her Name…is Kara Zor-El

Surprise surprise, the Supergirl pilot leaked! I’m starting to think that DC TV might be deliberately releasing these “leaked” pilots to generate hype before the show actually starts (same thing happened to Flash last year). In any case, I got to watch the Supergirl pilot and although it’s far from perfect, it was still fun.


Arrow Has Failed its Fans?

Passion is cool. The nerds here at NEN are obviously super passionate about various nerdy topics. I mean, we spend our free time creating photos, videos, and reviews on our favourite nerdy stuff. However, as we all know, passion can go from one extreme to another. From devoted and intense love all the way to …

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1st Time at Fan Expo – Sunday Edition

I did it. I finally did it. I went to Fan Expo for the first time! 5 years ago, I never would’ve gone. I used to think, “If it ain’t San Diego Comic-Con, then what’s the point?” So what if I don’t get to see the world’s 1st look at Batman V Superman? I still …

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You Have Failed this City

 Arrow – yes, there’s a lot of buff men looking for excuses to walk around shirtless, it’s on the CW unfortunately, and there’s some cheesy romance. However! This is nothing like Smallville or Agents of Shield (yeah I said it!). In fact, it’s the best superhero TV series and my favourite show to watch right …

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