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Choosing sides with Marvel Select

Normally action figures drop just before the Movie in order to get fans hyped up and sell tickets, but sometimes toy makers take their sweet time and release figures months after the movie buzz has died down, for whatever reason. This is the case for Marvel Select’s offerings from the Captain America : Civil War movie. …

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Lines have been drawn?

So in case you have not heard, these are the rumored sides that heroes will choose in the upcoming Civil War movie. What do you guys think? What side are YOU on? If you need some context before you choose: Basically an event takes place that leads to the Government enforcing a “Living Weapon of …

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Going Up?

Being in an elvator is an uncomfortable experience in the best of situations. Being forced into a tiny space with strangers always leads to awkward silence. Which really just means its a great chance for magical moments to take place! Here’s a list of my top elevator movie moments!


There is no WHY in team!

Regardless of how much you dislike a character if they are on a team that you are collecting, you need to include them. Its a rule. You can sometimes try to substitute them for someone else, as team rosters do change, but you can’t just leave that slot empty. Why? Well, because you just can’t! …

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Cap is still upset about the amount of Nerds!


Captain America has serious concerns!


Figurin’ out the Captain

As crazy as it sounds the Captain America movie has been out for almost 3weeks now and I have yet to see it. I just have not been able to fit it into my crazy schedule! What I have been able to accommodate is picking up a few movie figures!… and by Movie Figures I mean the …

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2011 Comicbook Movies Wrap Up

When I think about comicbook movies, I’m referring to the major 4 that come out this year (my apologies to Green Hornet and Cowboys & Aliens). I have been looking forward to this year for a long time.