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Cosplayers in March

Ah March, the weather starts to lose suckiness, snow starts to melt away for good, and the ComicCon hits the T-Dot! We of course took a day or two off work to ch-ch-check it out! Nothing like spending your life savings and meeting some awesome cosplayers to liven up a month with no exciting holidays.


Costumes and Props: 3 Shops for Your Cosplay Needs

Attention cosplayers, convention-goers, dress-up enthusiasts and wannabe super heroes (and villains).  Searching for a good costume or prop for your next gig? Are you new to cosplay or costuming and need some suggestions for where to purchase costumes and supplies for creating your ideal persona?


Cosplayer Spotlight 05 : Chris

We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking… But seriously folks; does the mask make the man or does it simply awaken what was already there? Well I don’t wear masks too often so I don’t have any answers, for the answer I turn to the cool cosplayer that goes by Corrupt Cosplay. Perhaps he will enlighten …

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Cosplayer Spotlight 01 : Paul

So often we see awesome cosplayers walking around conventions, looking all awesome and stuff, sometimes a bit intimidating. But we are brave nerds, we stop them and ask for a photo, thanks them, walk away. But who is the nerd behind the mask? What drives them? Why the heck are they dressed up in spandex? …

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Fan Expo – Day One

Its the week before Labor Day; students are counting down the hours before another school year, summer is coming to a close, a chill in the air begins to set in… but before September comes the Canadian Nerd must embark on a yearly adventure they call Fan Expo! What began as a convention celebrating Comicbooks …

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Expo time! (hanging out with Deadpool)

After years of watching/viewing pics and videos online, hearing stories, enjoying parodies and reenactments on TV I finally did it! I finally attended a comic convention! Well not a comic-con in that its not CALLED Comic-Con but a convention of nerdy goodness all the same. The event is FanExpo, the year is 2012. Madness.


Another Thor’s Day

Today is Thor’s Day. It’s true. Wikipedia says so; Since the Roman god Jupiter was identified with Thunor (Norse Thor in northern Europe), most Germanic languages name the day after this god: Torsdag in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, Hósdagur/Tórsdagur in Faroese, Donnerstag in German orDonderdag in Dutch. So there you go, Thor, the wonderful god of thunder will always be a part of us. And thanks to the success of the movie, and …

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