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It’s time to get Shwifty!

Rick and Morty is one of those shows that I took a while to check out and then hated myself for not knowing about it earlier once I experienced how amazing it is. I wish I could use a time machine, go back in time, and enjoy it for the first time again and again, …

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To Infinity and Beyond!

There is nothing I love more than a good beat ’em up game! There is nothing like running rampant through streets, castles, jungles; beating up baddies and blowing things up as you go, ah that is the life! Oh if only there was a way to combine this style of action-packed gameplay with my love of …

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I’m Invincible!

In an industry laden with constant shameless rip-offs and non-stop reboots its hard to believe there were any new characters to create or any new stories to tell, yet somehow Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley came through with Invincible; and although not the newest idea, it feels incredibly fresh! And as luck would have it …

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Let’s Battle!

If there is one thing Nerds love its battling each other. Maybe not in a physical, literal sense; as the average Nerd isn’t so well endowed in upper-body strength but in fictitious worlds of superpowers and magic. Everyone loves a good fighting game, and I think its safe to say that everyone goes bat-shit crazy about fighting games …

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Card Tricks!

Not since my highschool years of playing random free flash-based games on NEWGROUNDS or the countless hours of emulated Pokemon blue running on MSDos  have I found myself glued to the screen monotonously clicking away as my XP slowly rises and my bag of Cheetos shrinks.


I like to draw people in tights

We would very much like to have an ART entry on this here site every now and again, and so here is the first one! At this point I think it will be taken on one artist/illustrator at a time. And so I decided to start with… myself! :D