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These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

There are TV shows that are great for background noise when you’re going through subreddits or chatting with friends on Whatsapp. Then there are shows where you should pay attention 100% of the time, otherwise you’ll miss subtle but important and incredibly entertaining clues to what it all means. Westworld definitely belongs to the latter.


Cosplayer Spotlight 06 : Adam

Cosplaying is so much more than nerds throwing on spandex and foam in order to become their favorite hero or villain, sometimes its a means of becoming more of who you were all along. Sometimes it takes a suit of armor and a crapload of guns to unleash the nerd within.


Terra Nova

Back in the day I had heard rumors about them re-making Jurassic park but as a TV show, not overly exciting news as made for TV duplicates of movies tend to fall short of their beloved predecessors; but hey, you never know. A few weeks ago I caught some commercials about a new show from …

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The Good, The Bad, and The Hex

Though I had this movie collecting dust on my shelf for some time now I hadn’t bother to watch it. Apparently it takes more than Megan Fox, explosions, and an angry guy with a gun to make me pop in a DVD and pop some popcorn. In this case it was picking up the Jonah …

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