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Number Forty-Three

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked a hole in the world’s metaphorical speaker it would have been unclear as to who the most popular Marvel Superhero was; but after the movies its become painfully obvious that Mr.Stark has risen to the top of the shiniest of shiny heroes! With the new Avengers movie comes a …

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A Shot at Amazing

In 2012 we were gifted with yet another Spider-Man movie, a reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy that ended just 5yrs prior, really not enough time for anyone to even want a reboot. But it came, we all went to see it, mixed reviews, blah blah blah, long story short Figma just released an action …

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Her name is Elizabeth.

There are many reasons why certain figures are purchased over others; some characters are needed because they are favorites, or are needed to complete a team, or sometimes its just a really snazzy looking character we know nothing about but comes with a cool chair. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth, I am sure we …

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Our Work Is Never Over

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10yrs or just really dislike house music you are familiar with the awesome helmet-wearing duo that is Daft Punk. And if you know who they are, and actually enjoy what they do… you will be pleased to know that they are now available in …

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It’s Time for Buster!

More and more I find myself drawn into the Japanese world of Tokusatsu; namely Super Sentai, on the menu for the next couple of days is GO-Busters, the 36th team in the series. So far its pretty alright, bit different than what I’m used to, definitely liking the toys though!