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Carry On Wayward Son – Anime Style!

 This October 2015 will be the premiere of the 11th season of Supernatural. Even though the show has dropped dramatically in quality, we’re all still die-hard fans who will stick with them until the very end. Anyways! This post is actually about the anime series. Yes that’s right, there’s a Supernatural Anime and it is …

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Her name is Elizabeth.

There are many reasons why certain figures are purchased over others; some characters are needed because they are favorites, or are needed to complete a team, or sometimes its just a really snazzy looking character we know nothing about but comes with a cool chair. Let me introduce you to Elizabeth, I am sure we …

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It’s Time for Buster!

More and more I find myself drawn into the Japanese world of Tokusatsu; namely Super Sentai, on the menu for the next couple of days is GO-Busters, the 36th team in the series. So far its pretty alright, bit different than what I’m used to, definitely liking the toys though!