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Choosing sides with Marvel Select

Normally action figures drop just before the Movie in order to get fans hyped up and sell tickets, but sometimes toy makers take their sweet time and release figures months after the movie buzz has died down, for whatever reason. This is the case for Marvel Select’s offerings from the Captain America : Civil War movie. …

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A Marvellous Selection

When movie producers discovered that Superhero movies were capable of making ridiculous amounts of money they began to make as many deals as possible, and with the growing popularity of caped cinema came tons of merchandising possibilities. Unfortunately not all characters have gotten equal time in the limelight, unfortunately some characters, despite how badass they …

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Silver Surfin’

Norrin Radd is a hero on a whole different level, when Galactus came by to devour his planet Zenn-La he stood tall and confronted the great cosmic being; sacrificing himself to forever serve as his herald in exchange for the safety of his world. Hes a classic character that is finally receiving the Marvel Select …

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What Big Claws You Have!

As mentioned in previous post regarding my fun at FanExpo and all the crap I bought, I’m going to be posting reviews here and there for figures bought. So here we go! To start we have one of the coolest archenemies in Marvel-dom, much like what Venom is to Spider-Man, we have Wolverine’s best pal! …

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