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Batman & his Creepy Friends

While DC movies continue to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many fans, DC still  manages to churn out Animated movies that hit all the right spots. The most recent being Justice League Dark, the first animated feature to feature DC’s ghost busting team… and Batman. So did this dip into the occult …

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Shit to Watch 02

  Hello! It’s time for me to let you know about the shit that’s hit our screens this October and why you should watch it. That being said, if I mentioned it in last months TIFF post there will be no repost regardless of release date. Now let’s get to  show-business. I’ll see myself out.


Why the World Doesn’t Need Ant-Man

And how Marvel made the perfect movie for him anyway. *Spoiler-free thoughts*


The Childhood Dream as a Nightmare

Jurassic World is a genetic hybrid between Jurassic Park and Alien. *Spoiler-free thoughts*


Avengers: Age of Aquarius

Marvel’s biggest summer yet, Avengers: Age of Ultron, focuses on letting every single character shine through their darkest conflict. *Spoiler-free thoughts* 


Some other things

With all this Daredevil, Avengers, and JL hype its easy to forget that there are other superhero movies trying to get back in the spotlight. Recently images popped up online of the new Ben Grimm from the weirdy F4 reboot and a look at the new Archangel for the Age of Apocalypse movie. I want to be …

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It was the Blurst of Times 2014

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Oh how bummed out I am by the lack of hoverboards and flying cars! This is the worst future ever, OK maybe not LOL. But before we all start coming up with excuses for sucking at our New Year’s resolutions lets look back at 2014 and rejoice in its nerdy …

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The Fire Keeps Burning

I must admit I was a bit hesitant going into the Hunger Games franchise, initially I had thought it was going to be another Twilight but with archery. After racing through the first few pages in the first book it became pretty obvious that that wasn’t the case… and that I had to go buy …

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Back and Almost Better Than Ever!

Before he spoke like a chain-smoker, before the suit had nipples, there was a hero that truly understood the darkness, and had a very recognizable mouth. Do you know who am I referring to? Well he has a new toy now, and its pretty cool, even after all these years.


DC Movie Universe Finally Coming Together – Seriously!

Warner Brothers Studios has locked in 10 dates from 2016-2020 and they’re all DC movies! It took them a while, but they’re finally doing it. Starting in 2016, there’ll be two DC movies a year. Now we already know there’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016 and a Justice League movie …

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