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The Soundtrack to Every 80’s Wet Dream

Electronic artist, Com Truise, live @ Coda in Toronto. The crowd sets forth on a night of retro space exploration—synthesized beats that evoke vast bitmap landscapes sprawled across dark, seductive worlds. The complex set forms the audio equivalent of a red convertible slowly cruising through galaxies, landing on desolate, murky terrain with the upmost style. …

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Nerd Noise Night: A New Hope

If you’ve never felt cool enough to be in a band, just make a nerd band. The solution is simple, and so is celebrating it.


Our Work Is Never Over

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10yrs or just really dislike house music you are familiar with the awesome helmet-wearing duo that is Daft Punk. And if you know who they are, and actually enjoy what they do… you will be pleased to know that they are now available in …

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