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Star Wars: The Nerds Awaken

Move over Marvel & DC! You’ve had your fun at the box office but now it’s time to step aside because Star Wars is back after ten thirty-two long years, and more importantly, it’s back sans George Lucas. Did J.J. Abrams do a good job? YES! For the most part.


Welcome to the Valley

Do you like TV shows about nerds? Were you a fan of The Big Bang Theory when it was all about the nerds until it became a knock off of Friends? If so, you should definitely check out Silicon Valley – a show about geeks, nerd culture, and what it takes to make it big in …

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Cosplayers in March

Ah March, the weather starts to lose suckiness, snow starts to melt away for good, and the ComicCon hits the T-Dot! We of course took a day or two off work to ch-ch-check it out! Nothing like spending your life savings and meeting some awesome cosplayers to liven up a month with no exciting holidays.


Fan Expo – Day One

Its the week before Labor Day; students are counting down the hours before another school year, summer is coming to a close, a chill in the air begins to set in… but before September comes the Canadian Nerd must embark on a yearly adventure they call Fan Expo! What began as a convention celebrating Comicbooks …

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Cap is still upset about the amount of Nerds!


Captain America has serious concerns!


So What If I Don’t Like Sports?

Superbowl weekend has passed and the only reason why I know this is because the Avengers commercial from the superbowl is now officially online for viewers to enjoy. Is it really that weird and strange if I have absolutely no interest in sports?