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Star Wars: The Nerds Awaken

Move over Marvel & DC! You’ve had your fun at the box office but now it’s time to step aside because Star Wars is back after ten thirty-two long years, and more importantly, it’s back sans George Lucas. Did J.J. Abrams do a good job? YES! For the most part.


Mars Needs Matt Damon

When was the last time Ridley Scott directed a good movie? Let’s face it, Exodus, Prometheus, Body of Lies, Robin Hood…basically ALL his movies since Gladiator and Black Hawk Down have only been…okay. That’s about 14-15 years of directing “okay” movies. Has Ridley Scott redeemed himself with The Martian? All the hype would suggest…yes?


To the Moon!

When it comes to building toys I will either take an incredibly long time to follow the included instructions or I will forego the instructions completely and make some weird mess. For this reason I usually skip anything that requires actual assembling, unless of course there are awesome astronaut minifigures involved!


Guardians of the 6″ Galaxy

You had me at giant tree-man and talking raccoon! I mean really, how could anyone not love a team with such amazing members?! This is not a movie review, as I have not seen it yet (also another writer called dibs). Rather its a review of the super cool action figures! Which drew me in harder than …

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