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SH Figuarts Spider-Man : The definitive Spidey?

Spider-Man is arguably Marvel’s most popular character, and with great popularity comes great… merchandising? Over the years we have seen ridiculous amounts of Spidey-Merch hit shelves around the world, everything from bicycles to shampoo to breakfast cereal, and of course untold numbers of action figures! But which is the definitive Spider-Man figure currently to display …

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Lines have been drawn?

So in case you have not heard, these are the rumored sides that heroes will choose in the upcoming Civil War movie. What do you guys think? What side are YOU on? If you need some context before you choose: Basically an event takes place that leads to the Government enforcing a “Living Weapon of …

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It’s a Bug’s life

With the next Marvel movie quickly crawling our way, and thanks to a weird article I read online about science guys finding ways to control cockroaches with their minds, I have bugs on the brain. In an attempt to feel less antsy I have assembled a list of insect-related comicbook characters for your buggy enjoyment.


Kind of “Amazing” isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but, I remember when I finished reading Amazing Spider-Man #700, my exact thoughts were “WTF!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! HOW DID HE???!!!??? WHAT??!!??? …ahh, OK, I’ll give Superior Spider-Man a go… could be interesting seeing Doc Ock as Spider-Man…” But, 33 issues of “Superior Spider-Man” later (…as a super huge Spider-fan, I didn’t …

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A Shot at Amazing

In 2012 we were gifted with yet another Spider-Man movie, a reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy that ended just 5yrs prior, really not enough time for anyone to even want a reboot. But it came, we all went to see it, mixed reviews, blah blah blah, long story short Figma just released an action …

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The Untold Story of the Amazing Spider-Man

This reboot is supposed to provide viewers with a fresh take on the Spider-Man origin and mythology – something different from the Sam Raimi films and even from the comics. Sounds like a great idea! But does the film deliver on this promise? If you’re ready for a SPOILERIFIC, cheesy-pun filled and opinionated analysis, then …

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We Are Venom

I would argue that the greatest pairings of Heroes and Villains are rooted not in their differences but in their similarities. Mirror opposites, 2 sides of the same coin, after all when push comes to shove we really are our own worst enemies.


Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-mang

  In April, Marvel announced that they would be killing off Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe. Does this mean the end for the long-lived Spider-man franchise *cough* in the Ultimate Universe *cough*? Not at all, Marvel has decided to revamp it’s image & capture the hearts of minorities the same way it has captured …

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