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Even MORE DC Movies On The Way

You either loved Batman V Superman, hated Batman V Superman, or didn’t bother watching it from all the negative hype. Either way, it would seem that Warner Bros. Studios and DC are happy with the movie because they’ve just added two more DC films to their jam-packed 4 year plan. Here’s the new schedule: Suicide Squad – August 5, …

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Her Name…is Kara Zor-El

Surprise surprise, the Supergirl pilot leaked! I’m starting to think that DC TV might be deliberately releasing these “leaked” pilots to generate hype before the show actually starts (same thing happened to Flash last year). In any case, I got to watch the Supergirl pilot and although it’s far from perfect, it was still fun.


Superheroes Are Officially Taking Over Television

Supergirl is coming to television on CBS. Apparently the network has committed to the series the way Fox committed to Gotham last year…without a pilot episode to test things out! It’s only a few more days until we see if Fox’s gamble will pay off. However, with Netflix purchasing the rights to Gotham before it …

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