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Carry On Wayward Son – Anime Style!

 This October 2015 will be the premiere of the 11th season of Supernatural. Even though the show has dropped dramatically in quality, we’re all still die-hard fans who will stick with them until the very end. Anyways! This post is actually about the anime series. Yes that’s right, there’s a Supernatural Anime and it is …

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Save Constantine!

Comicbook TV shows definitely aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In the past few years,  it was just Arrow and Agents of Shield. This year, we were introduced to Gotham, The Flash, Agent Carter, Daredevil (coming very soon) and one of my favourites, Constantine. How good is it? Well, it’s a hellblazer!


The Road So Far

As TV season comes to an end I couldn’t stop myself from reflecting about season 7 of Supernatural. I wrote a post a while ago about my skepticism towards season 7 and now here we are – 9 months later. Well get out that cold six-pack, start blasting Kansas’ Carry on Wayward Son and get …

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More Supernatural Seasons in the Future?

I love the TV series, Supernatural. It’s great! Before I continue though, I’d like to clarify that it is not a superficial tween TV series. It’s actually a smart, action-packed and well-written TV show. However, unlike other Supernatural fans, I’m not too ecstatic about season 7 this Fall and let me tell you why.