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Cosplayers in March

Ah March, the weather starts to lose suckiness, snow starts to melt away for good, and the ComicCon hits the T-Dot! We of course took a day or two off work to ch-ch-check it out! Nothing like spending your life savings and meeting some awesome cosplayers to liven up a month with no exciting holidays.


Cosplayer Spotlight 06 : Adam

Cosplaying is so much more than nerds throwing on spandex and foam in order to become their favorite hero or villain, sometimes its a means of becoming more of who you were all along. Sometimes it takes a suit of armor and a crapload of guns to unleash the nerd within.


December is more than just Christmas

The moment November ends everything becomes about Christmas. Holiday music and decor is crammed into our eyeballs before we even have the chance to flip the page on our calendars. Immediately the countdown to ugly sweaters and eggnog begins! But now there is also a mini one-day convention in the city! It has been around …

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Strike a pose -Saturday at Fan Expo

Early Saturday morning, a friend posted something like “So excited for our big day! Can’t wait to see everybody!” on her Facebook page. First thought that crossed my mind? “She’s coming to Fan Expo???!!!” Um….no….she was getting married. Oops, guess Fan Expo was the only ‘big day’ on my mind (big 4 days, really). Frankly, …

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The Fantastic Friday: Dr. Doom and the Power of the VIP pass

After finally meeting up with Hugo on Thursday and having somewhat of a chat (after playing text tag all day), I was really stoked for the adventures of Friday. Not just because I still had 3 more days of nerdgasmic awesome times ahead of me, I had something a select few had (actually I had …

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Fan Expo – Day One

Its the week before Labor Day; students are counting down the hours before another school year, summer is coming to a close, a chill in the air begins to set in… but before September comes the Canadian Nerd must embark on a yearly adventure they call Fan Expo! What began as a convention celebrating Comicbooks …

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Expo time! (hanging out with Deadpool)

After years of watching/viewing pics and videos online, hearing stories, enjoying parodies and reenactments on TV I finally did it! I finally attended a comic convention! Well not a comic-con in that its not CALLED Comic-Con but a convention of nerdy goodness all the same. The event is FanExpo, the year is 2012. Madness.