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It’s time to get Shwifty!

Rick and Morty is one of those shows that I took a while to check out and then hated myself for not knowing about it earlier once I experienced how amazing it is. I wish I could use a time machine, go back in time, and enjoy it for the first time again and again, …

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Be The Batman

 Why did I buy a PS4? I’m certainly not a hardcore gamer. If anything, I’m a casual gamer. Now sure, I’m excited to play Uncharted 4 next year and I’m also looking forward to playing future Grand Theft Auto games. But the real reason for a PS4? Well, there really was only one real reason …

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To Infinity and Beyond!

There is nothing I love more than a good beat ’em up game! There is nothing like running rampant through streets, castles, jungles; beating up baddies and blowing things up as you go, ah that is the life! Oh if only there was a way to combine this style of action-packed gameplay with my love of …

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New Omega Mode in Street Fighter IV

The upcoming downloadable patch isn’t just an update based on feedback from the diehard gaming community. It’s also a brand new, unthinkable surprise for those fans. This new version includes Omega Mode, which reimagines some of the most iconic special moves in fighting game history, adding even more depth and fun to a game that was originally released 5 years …

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Here Comes The Big Bad Wolf

Telltale Games has done it again. However, the Wolf Among Us is actually better than the Walking Dead. Not only do you get fun and charismatic characters, engaging quick-time game play, tough-decision-making events, and an enriching story – you also get mystery and intrigue. Here’s my spoiler-free review.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

I’m finally getting through my backlog of PS3 games and I just beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. It was short, repetitive, frustrating at times, and clearly just a cash grab. However, despite all these flaws, I still enjoyed the game…well…sometimes I did. Other times I just wanted to throw the controller at my …

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The Last of Us

The Last of Us – another zombie apocalypse video game – again. How different can this game be? Resident Evil 2 showed us zombie horror. Dead Rising showed us how much fun zombie-head bashing is. Telltale Games’ – Walking Dead showed us how an emotional and heart-wrenching a good zombie story can be. But what …

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Resident Evil 6

Capcom defined and perfected survival-horror games in 1996 with Resident Evil. Since then, there have been several sequels that have lived up to the Resident Evil standard and in 2005 the franchise took a drastic, but fun turn towards action-horror with Resident Evil 4. Does Resident Evil 6 meet the high standards that its predecessors …

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The Walking Dead Video Game

Sick and tired of video games misinterpreting a movie or TV series that you love with all your heart? Well put that heart ache aside for the Walking Dead by Telltale Games because they understand the essence of the Walking Dead and have brought it to their video game.



RPG – role playing games (not going to be talking about rocket-propelled grenades today folks – sorry to disappoint you). RPGs have been around for many years now and despite all the new genre of video games that have changed the gaming industry, RPGs still have an impact on me, like no others.

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