The 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special: Whimsical, Hysterical and a Fun Series 9 Wrap-Up


Christmas Day ended with my favourite tradition: The Doctor Who Christmas special. This year’s special was a whimsical adventure featuring River Song, and it was fun and funny. Beware- spoilers ahead!

The villain in this amusing adventure is a raging red robot body whose head spews rants from a bag. The episode is jam-packed with snappy one-liners between the Doctor and River, and I was howling with laughter.

640-2What was really nice was that after losing Clara , we get to see the Doctor in a light-hearted adventure (one of the bitter sweet moments in this episode is the Doctor acknowledging he can’t remember the last time he laughed). And, generally, as a comedy this episode worked quite well . One of my favourite moments was when the Doctor exclaims “It’s bigger on the inside.”


As for the guest of honour, it seems we’re finally at the end of Rivers character-arc.  I suppose the Christmas moral in the end of this story is that “every Christmas is last Christmas”. All relationships must come to an end. However, it’s nice to have one day a year to enjoy the ones you love. Interesting to note:  River’s first Big Finish adventure, The Diary Of River Song, was released this week . This is one story among several already announced stories that will feature River and the 8th Doctor .

In the end, I enjoyed the Christmas special despite its somewhat disjointed feel. “The Husbands Of River Song” is  fun. Capaldi is skilled at finding the comedic rhythms in the scenes,  connecting  with the other actors. What we have is a story where the Doctor  is on a silly, whimsical adventure against his better judgment,  but he ends up loving  seeing River Song again.

960Well, Whovians, that’s a wrap for Series 9 , as the show isn’t scheduled to return until probably late in 2016.  I imagine Peter Capaldi will continue to play The Doctor, but we still have no indication of who will step in as his new companion. What do you think?

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