The Ant-Man from Japan!


Completing a team is super important when it comes to figure collecting, not an easy task considering how quickly certain characters become “rare” and ridiculously pricey once scalpers start to notice the trend. Sometimes you can’t complete the team because some members just don’t get the action figure treatment, but sometimes team completion is possible, provided you are willing to look overseas. Lucky for us Bandai in Japan noticed Team Cap was lacking, and jumped in to fill the void!

Funny how you go see a movie about a Billionaire in armor vs a Super Soldier from WWII and your favorite characters are the two quirky characters with bug themed names. Needless to say, we (toy collectors) need less IronMan and Cap figures, and more of the supporting crew! Hasbro dropped the ball but Bandai stepped in and stepped up the game making an SH Figuarts version of one of the figures Hasbro skipped, the show stealing Ant-Man!


The real MVP

He didn’t have as much screen time as I would have liked but boy was he a highlight!
And even if you didn’t like him all that much you know you need him to complete Team Cap! Arghh we still need an updated Hawkeye!


But hey who knows, maybe an SH Figuarts Vision and Hawkeye are just around the corner, mind you they will cost an arm and a leg… but they’ll probably be worth it! Speaking of overpriced figures, lets take a look at the new SH Figuarts Ant-Man!


The moment this figure was announced I knew I had to have him! Not just because Figuarts are known for being an incredible combo of superior sculpts, amazing articulation, and perfect paint apps, but because you can never have too many Ant-Men!


This is the first Figuarts I have picked up in a while so I was really surprised by this new slim box, much as I like consistency I really like this new minimal packaging! Somehow its extra fun!


Such a good looking figure!  Personally I am very happy with the changes made to the outfit since the first movie, definitely more sleek and modern! The attention to details is fantastic! Paint is pretty basic but thats what the costume looks like. Helmet is nice and shiny, the red and black are pretty flat. Proportions are good, which I am happy about, the initial promo pics made him look really armored up for some reason. The head is kinda big but its a helmet so it make sense. Gotta point out though – the diaphragm joint feels a little bit loose on mine, a bit of a bobble head effect going on, hopefully not a common problem.


First things to point out regarding articulation – the shoulder pads are on a separate hinge and move up, much like they have done with Iron Man figures in the past. Its not a bad thing, it works really well in the many poses you can get him in. This figure gives you a chance to appreciate the new costume so much more, such an improvement.


We have tons of articulation to play with above the waist!
Head and base of neck are ball-jointed, he can look down all the way but not so much up. We get the expected ball-jointed-hinged shoulders that Figuarts uses, allowing full rotation as well as a shrug and pec-fly movement. Bicep swivel, doubled-hinged elbows, and ball jointed wrists.
He has a ball-joint in his diaphragm as well as waist, allowing some fluid crunches forwards and back, though the waist does not swivel all the way around.TOP1

The bottom half has just as much to offer as the top! No complaints here!


The legs go out and go back a surprising amount, and go off to the sides a nice amount while being able to keep both feet flat on the ground.
He’s got the nice ball-jointed/hinged Figuarts hips, double-hinged knees, excellent ankle joints, and great toes! He can sit, he can kneel, kick, and dance like he’s got ants in his pants!

Lets jump quick into the accessories, which is where the figure is lacking… in case you could not tell from the picture of the box.


So… he comes with ONE extra set of hands. Which gives you a total of 2 pairs, one fisted, and one open. Considering how many different hands other Figuarts have gotten in the past this is a big disappointment. Other than the hands we get this tiny Ant-Man figure, more of a statue really… aaannnd thats it. They could have given us so much more here! More hands, an unmasked head, a more exciting mini figure maybe?


The mini figure itself isn’t too bad. Its the smallest Ant-Man thus far so thats definitely something to be happy about, could have done without the black base though. Its surprisingly well painted all things considered.

On to figure comparisons! My favorite part!
Oh man just realizing I have him leaning to the side a bit in all these pictures… don’t dwell on it >_<


♪The ants were marching Three by Three ♫

First of all a comparison with other Ant-Men! On the left we have the Marvel Select version, and on the far right the Marvel Legends version, both from the first (and only thus far) Ant-Man movie. Yes he is smaller than both, which is usually the case with these imports. Also I didn’t realize how much I disliked the ML version until now haha! It pains me that to admit I do not have th BAF MCU Giant-Man just yet :(


Thor: “You people and your insects baffle me.”

Comparing him to other Figuarts he looks much more in scale. On the left we have SH Figuarts Age of Ultron Thor, and to Ant-Man’s right we have the Navy Thunder Ranger/Kuwaga Raiger. Damn I wish had a nice Ant themed Sentai or Kamen Rider figure to team Ant-Man up with!


Mixing things up a bit, here he is along with DC Icons Flash and Marvel Legends Batroc. He looks like he would work with the DC Icons figures, which are smaller than DCUC and other DC figs. Compared to the comic-based Marvel Legends he is on the short side, not to mention how out of place his colour schemes and details look.


But chances are you are looking to add him to your MCU collection, and if that means Marvel Legends movie figures, you are in luck!
Maybe I am biased because of how much I like this figure but I think he is a perfect fit with the MCU ML! Yes he is shorter than Cap and Clint but that’s perfectly okay by me, I don’t think everyone needs to be huge and over 6ft tall. Ant-Man being slightly smaller makes for nice variation in heights… y’know, like real life. Man that Thor is friggin huge!

So lets review.
• Excellent paint and sculpt.
• Articulation is great.
• Size totally works.
You would think he is a 5/5 figure! But no, not the case.
The lack of accessories and the price tag drop the otherwise fantastic figure to a 4/5!

Well… maybe a 4.5/5 once you punch in the FUN factor! Scott Lang/Paul Rudd are way fun in the movies so it only makes sense that the character will be fun in action figure form! And of course there is the fact that a character that can shrink and grow means he is in scale with pretty much everything!


Cap: “Welcome to the team Scott!”

Yea I know this didn’t happen in the movies… a guy can dream! Agh the whole Civil War dispute robbed us of so many fun interactions, hopefully the future installments will give us a few fun moments!


Leading up to Civil War 1.5


Outdoor shots are always fun with an Ant-Man in your pocket!


Meanwhile in the yard of a secret Hydra base…

Need to invest in some Bonsai trees!… and plastic bugs.
I’m still not sure if the figure is more fun as tiny or as a GIANT! There are so many possibilities!


“Hey Nick! Took you long enough!”


“How do I get myself into these situations?!”

Hahaha man I need some Ultraman figures STAT!


Oh good times… So yea, if you are a Ant-Man fan, go get this figure!
I highly doubt Hasbro will give us something to match it any time soon.
Thanks for sticking around through this review!
But wait! Here’s a treat for you fellow Nerds!
A BONUS Ant-Man figure review!!!
OOoOOOOooOOoooh surprise!!


My buddy Jonny brought this guy to my attention. It’s from Hasbro’s weird 2.5″ line of 5 POA figures which I love!
At first I thought it was just the upper body for some weird reason, but no his legs are back there. So fun!


The sculpt on this guy is actually not half-bad! Good amount of detail and lots of texture! The pain is another story.
First of all, its not accurate. Secondly they skipped the paint on the back completely! Shocker. I do plan on painting him up though because its always nice to have an Ant-Man in yet another size.


Speaking of size, here he is compared to the SH Figuarts Ant-Man I have been ranting on about. See! He’s actually pretty big!


And here he is with a 2.5″ figure! Oh and his little ant buddies….
Overall total fun and a must have if you are a fan of small, poorly articulated figures. I know I am!

Thanks for looking!
I am done for real now! Til next time!

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