The Nerds

We are a bunch of nerds. Here is the page where you find out about us.


name: hugo

nerd specialties: comicbooks, action figures, cartoons.

special powers: ability to leave things til last minute and still be awesome.

hugo is a mild-mannered illustrator/artist that works a job he hates because he owes lots of money from buying comic books and action figures.

hugo is very good at procrastinating. hugo has a girlfriend named Jessica who threatens his action figure collection on a daily basis, but she’s only joking… right?




name: Elia

nerd specialties: Food, primarily. Maybe some other things.

special powers: High powered procrastination (wait, that’s just like Hugo…)

Elia can usually be found lazing about and thinking of food. Or riding one of his many bikes. Maybe watching a marathon of whatever new television show has currently caught his fancy. Perhaps not quite the “traditional” nerd, but get to know him and you’ll see that he nerds out with the best of them.

He is also probably the only one here who likes Star Trek more.




name: Aaron

nerd specialties:  all things brain

nerd superpowers: Ability to make any situation awkward

Aaron is a mixed-breed male and thus was born with the rep of a Black & the suaveness of a Latin lover. Sadly, much like Superman & Kryptonite, Aaron’s raising in a predominantly white city has left him with extraordinary grammar but at the cost of his inherited abilities.

From September to April, Aaron studies at the Canadian equivalent of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to further his psychology powers. But from May to August, him & his nemesis, Unemployment, battle for up to 2 months at a time. The final battle will begin between Aaron’s application to grad school & his acceptance or… REJECTION!.


name: Matt

nerd specialties: Star Wars, video games, anime, TV shows, and comicbook movies

special powers: Spreading nerdiness and making it super cool

Matt is a teacher that incorporates superheroes into his lessons and activities on a regular basis in his classroom. When he’s not watching awesome shows like Game of Thrones or Supernatural, he’s probably looking for the latest details on past, present, and upcoming comicbook movies on the internet.






name: Adam

nerd specialties:  ???

nerd superpowers:  Enthusiasm, character development, comic book theory.

Fueled by pizza and good intentions, Adam writes for advertising agencies and his own geeky, nerdy ambitions on the side. He once cosplayed as Reed Richards from The Fantastic Four/Future Foundation series and hopes to try it again someday—hopefully before his sideburns turn grey of natural causes.

A True Believer in that people should always try to articulate why something might not be working for them, instead of just whining about not liking it.




name: Card

nerd specialties:  Video games, board games, music, food, Ninja Turtles

nerd superpowers: Why would I ever tell anyone? Anyways, it’s cooking. I love cooking… and extreme procaffeination!

Card is an illustrator, musician, film maker that loves cooking and playing board games. He also loves talking in third person and will challenge anyone to a fight in Mortal Kombat! His knowledge and obsession for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is uncanny and all should approach him with great caution when discussing these four shell heads or else he will talk your ear off about them!




name: Nerd1

nerd specialties: Everything. Explosions.

special powers: Making lists that don’t really matter.

N1 likes to take selfies, make memes, and be all up in the internetz peeping nerd news and spreading nerd awareness.




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  1. Russ says:

    cool page. i’m bookmarking.. i’ll be BACK!!!

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