The Truth is Out There. So Is Our X-Files Revival Prep Guide


Hey, X-Philes! We’re less than 2 weeks away from the special X-Files Revival on Fox. Are you as stoked as I am? Have you been furiously re-watching 9 years of paranormal awesomeness before this epic event? No worries. Trust no one. Except your nerd friends.


About six months ago, a few friends encouraged me to watch The X-Files, and I was immediately hooked. I spent the last six months with encouragement and “training” from my friends, watching 9 seasons of The X-Files in preparation for this special event coming up on January 24.  Of course with any fantasy/sci-fi series, there’s always an element of suspension of disbelief and hokiness, and looking back at some of the stories and the effects of the time period, the series is somewhat dated. However, I found The X-Files to be gripping, well-written and presented.  There were certain inconsistencies within the mythology storyline that irked me, but I couldn’t get enough of the show and had to know how it was going to resolve.  Now, I’m a huge fan and am so excited for this mini-series starting January 24.


If you’ve got some time over the next couple weeks and want to reacquaint yourself with the series (or are a newb, like me) I’ve prepared a list of some essential and favourite eps from each of the seasons to get you started on your journey. The list is no way exhaustive, but your faithful Agent-in-Training turn full X-Phile has you covered with the basics and some fun ones thrown in. 

Season 1:

The Pilot, Deep Throat, Beyond the Sea,  Ice, Eve, The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season 2:

Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath, Anasazi , Red Museum

Season 3:

Pusher, Jose Chung’s From Outer Space, Anasazi,The Blessing Way, Paper Clip, Nisei, 731

Season 4:

 Home, Leonard Betts, Memento Mori, Paper Hearts

Season 5:

Redux Part I and Part II, Detour, Bad Blood, The End

Season 6:

The Beginning ,Triangle, Dreamland Part 1 Part 2, Monday, Arcadia

Season 7:

Orison, all things , Hollywood AD, Requiem

Season 8:

Within, Without , Deadalive, Per Manum, Essence, Existence

Season 9:

William, The Truth


Are you doing your own re-watch in anticipation for the revival? Will you be tuning into Fox for the revival January 24? Are you as stoked as this new little Phile? Let us know!

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