The Walking Dead Video Game

Sick and tired of video games misinterpreting a movie or TV series that you love with all your heart? Well put that heart ache aside for the Walking Dead by Telltale Games because they understand the essence of the Walking Dead and have brought it to their video game.

If you’re a fan of the TV series or even the comic books and if you’re like me, you’ve probably had a few moments throughout the story where you’ve thought to yourself, “I probably would have done things differently,” or “Lori sucks, I wouldn’t put up with her crap.” Alright, maybe you’ve just had the former, but I digress. The Walking Dead isn’t just about the end of the world with zombies taking over, it’s also about the difficult, challenging, and sometimes life-and-death decisions that people have to make in this new world. Telltale Games really grasped this concept and have provided players with the opportunity to make their own difficult, challenging, and sometimes life-and-death decisions in the Walking Dead video game.

Graphics: 8/10:

You’re probably scratching your head wondering what on earth are wrong with my eyes, considering the fact I gave these graphics 8/10. Well, my eyes are fine (as long as I’m wearing my glasses) and let me explain my rationale. The graphics are great because they look and feel like the comic book has come to life. If the comic books became a cartoon television series, these graphics are what I would imagine. Furthermore, because these graphics aren’t overly complex or rich, it makes it easier to download the games online.


There are several different aspects to the gameplay which I think will satisfy every gamers’ different tastes and needs. The majority of the gameplay is through dialogue; basically you will be having conversations with different characters and you get to decide on how to respond. And if you don’t like the available responses you’re offered, you can always choose NOT to respond and to remain silent – and that’s a valid choice to make. You might be thinking, “Wow Matt, a game where I get to TALK the entire time, how riveting?” Well for me personally, this is one of the best parts of the game. Not only do you get to learn more about other characters and progress the storyline, you have to make difficult decisions sometimes, you can choose to lie to people, or to be honest, or brutally honest, or comfort people, etc. And your responses will alter how the other characters perceive you, which in the end, affect the story. That’s right, the decisions you make will alter the story so every player gets to have their own unique Walking Dead storyline (to a certain extent obviously). So while talking doesn’t sound that exciting, trust me, it gets pretty tricky sometimes because you’re given a time limit to respond to certain things and if you don’t make a decision, you remain silent and sometimes, that leads people to assume you’re hiding things and they don’t trust you anymore.

Other gameplay aspects include solving problems, so you may have to walk around and play with the environment in order to move on. And yes of course, you get to fight zombies! Usually when there’s a zombie encounter, you’re prompted to button mash or to press buttons in a sequential order to fight back. It doesn’t sound complicated, but when a character has to defend himself without any weapons, it gets pretty tense.

One of the best and most challenging aspects of the gameplay is decision making! It’s one thing when deciding whether or not to lie to Herschel (that’s right, you bump into him ) about your past, but it’s a whole different playing field when you have to decide who to save and who should be left behind for zombies. The best part about this game, is that there are no obvious “right” decisions. And that’s because when it comes to the life-and-death decisions, they both have their pros and cons. No matter who you save and who you leave behind, there’s always some guilt and some relief and that’s what makes it so challenging. But hey, that’s what the Walking Dead is all about – the tough decisions.

Storyline (spoiler-free): 9.5/10:

Incredible! I’m glad they decided not to create a game that follows Rick’s story. With this new story, it reminds us that there are other groups besides Rick’s that are also trying to survive and that their stories are just as complicated as Rick’s. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil the best part of the game. Basically, you’re an ex-convict, Lee and on your way to prison, the zombie apocalypse hits and you’ve got to survive. You eventually run into a young girl, Clementine, probably age 7 who eventually tags along with you because she has no one else to take care of her. So all the hard decisions you have to make, ultimately influence Clementine and her values. I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll make a tough decision on the spot and I’ll be okay with them. But later on, when I see how my actions affect Clementine, I second guess the decisions I’ve made in the past. The storyline is fun and you really get attached to the characters. This story has all the same wonderful aspects that Rick’s story has, without the ridiculous love triangle nonsense. Instead of having polar opposite characters like Rick and Shane, this game has main characters that embody traits of Rick and Shane! Then who do you decide to side with? Trust me, it’s not easy to decide and the game forces you to decide quickly!

Overall: 9/10

I personally love this game and I can’t wait for parts 4 and 5. The reason why I haven’t given this game a perfect score is because…I haven’t finished the game! The game comes in 5 parts where you buy and download online from PS3 or 360 or your PC. Each part is 5 bucks (or if you buy the bundle, you will get all 5 parts for $20) but each part is released with a few months apart. So far, the first 3 parts have been released, so you can go through them, but once you’re done 3, you’ll have to wait like the rest of us, for another month or 2 before part 4 comes out…and then wait again for part 5! This game has an incredible story with great characters and exciting and tense moments that will keep you on your toes. Besides the full zombie apocalypse experience, another great part of this game is the ability to alter your own storyline. Your actions, lead to specific consequences, which affect the story. What more could you ask for from a game? So if you’re a fan of the Walking Dead or just the whole zombie phenomena, you should definitely buy these games. Each part will only take 2-3 hours to complete, but trust me, you won’t ever take a break during those 2-3 hours because you’ll want to keep on playing.

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