The X-Files: A Baby Phile’s First Impressions

I’m a big sci-fi and fantasy fan, and when Fox announced they’d be reviving The X-Files in January, many of my geek friends all but forced me into watching The X-Files in anticipation of the revival. Finally, I relented, determined to make it through the entire series and movies in six months prior to the revival in January 2016.

I’ve been been calling myself an Agent in- training, but to die-hard fans, someone like me is referred to as a “Baby Phile”.


I’ve made my way through the first season. And, like any new series,the first season is usually about everyone getting their feet wet and figuring things out.  However, I did like the show from the get-go, and apparently my friends could be trusted not to disappoint when they recommend a new series I’d like!

What’s not to love? There’s law, science, science-fiction, government conspiracy and, of course, aliens! Well, that is, if you believe. That IS the critical question of the series. Yes, like anything fantasy, science-fiction/horror, it can have it’s hokey moments, and there’s a certain degree of cheese in any particular episode. However, overall, it’s very well written, directed and acted.  I recall watching the episode “Beyond the Sea” and having this moment where Gillian Anderson does a superb scene, highly emotional, and realizing that I was indeed hooked. In that moment, I just wanted more. At that point I was sold, officially an X-Phile.

I’m now onto Season 2 and hope to plow through over the next few months. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review and in sights from this little agent in training. Live long and prospers, my nerd friends.

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