The X-Files: An X-Phile’s Opinion On Season 10

x-files-banner-new-feThe special six episode “Season 10” of The X-Files has wrapped up, and your resident X-Phile has put proverbial pen to paper with her initial thoughts and reactions. Beware spoilers ahead!


Firstly, it wasn’t a full network season run. To me, it felt more like a Netflix or HBO series. I suppose I was expecting more of a six-episode story arch, which wasn’t truly the case here. Honestly, the story lines themselves were a mixed bag. The premiere picked up with the conspiracy theory arch and opened up a lot of doors. But, over the course of the six episode we didn’t really get to see what was behind those doors. In between we had some Monster-Of-The-Week episodes and some generally bizzare stories. The season wrapped up with a finale that expanded on the season premiere’s conspiracy arch, but left more questions than answers. They seemed to pulling at so many threads and and it left us hanging at the end of the season finale. The series ended with a gripping cliffhanger surrounding the contagion, the alien cure and the status of Mulder and Scully’s son, William.


How did it fare overall? Personally, my favourite episode was the Monster-Of-The-Week type “Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster”. The entire episode was hysterical, well-written and full of subtle messages. For me, it just felt like a classic X-Files episode. The imagery and direction were inspired! In contrast, the episode “Babylon” left a bitter taste in my mouth. I found this one to be poorly written with an offensive message relating to religious and ethnic stereotypes. If they had wanted to make an episode about post- 9/11 security and terrorists, they could have used to opportunity to condemn bigotry and violence and advocate for tolerance. I kept waiting for the moral message, which never came. And, the entire episode didn’t “feel” like an “X-Files” show at all. What impressed me about the series overall was the quality (not withstanding the terrible “Babylon” story). I felt like we’ve come so far since its initial inception and there’s so much potential. In general I was thrilled and entirely hooked. We also have to keep in mind that they’re trying to appease a wide audience here. We’ve got original X-Philes, newbies (like myself) who joined the phenomena upon hearing about the revival, and casual viewers of the new series. That’s one tough order to fill! Maybe this six episode season was a tester, a feeler to gain reaction and see what works and what doesn’t, and figure out how they might what to another season in the future?



So, where does The X-Files go from here? From the reaction to the finale, it sounds like the X-Files is coming back in SOME kind of incarnation. What that will be, I don’t know. I hope it’ll be another full season. Let us know what you thought and if you think there will be more X-Files to come. Do you want to see Mulder and Scully back on the case?

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