There is no WHY in team!


Regardless of how much you dislike a character if they are on a team that you are collecting, you need to include them. Its a rule. You can sometimes try to substitute them for someone else, as team rosters do change, but you can’t just leave that slot empty. Why? Well, because you just can’t! Even if it is a royal pain.

I am not a completist when it comes to collecting because that is a never-ending battle and I really don’t have the patience, or the monies. Oh but the feeling of completing a team! That is a magical feeling not everyone will understand, but if you get what i’m saying, you know its a magical moment.
Though completing a team/teams may seem easier and cheaper than completing an entire toyline its not without its complications. Really you can’t win…

Who is on your team?!

Crime-fighting teams are not all that different from sport teams; they both wear uniforms, have fans/enemies, have tragic stories, and of course they have ever changing rosters. This is a problem because the moment you put your figures up on your shelf, feeling really proud of yourself for completing this particular group of goodguys (or badguys, no judging!) you find out that X has left the team and has now been replaced with A and B… suddenly your setup is outdated and you are a horrible failure.


Do you know how much that cost me?!

I suppose the secret is to pick a team that will not change (good luck) or stick to the classics! Which in all fairness means different things to different people. Moral of the story: pick a team at a certain point in time that makes YOU happy, and fight the peer pressure that leads to The Fantastic Four having a membership of 16.

Who the hell is that?!


Nothing to see here kids!

It is the unfortunate truth that not all characters on any given team are A-Listers, some of them just plain suck. For better or worse there are always a few members that just aren’t as loved; there is usually a Ringo or two kicking around the Avengers mansion… get it? People don’t like him… from The Beatles… yea I don’t know anything on the subject.
If you are a fan of the 90s X-Men you NEED a sparkle-power Jubilee along with the bald man in the wheelchair, and really what is Batman without a little boy in tights at his side? Justice League fan? Well you better have at least one Aquaman figure! Ah the conversations I have had with my wife explaining why I need an Ant-Man figure to go with my Avengers, and then explaining further why i need him at various sizes…

When will they release him/her/it?!

Just yesterday I received my Yellow MightyMorphin’PowerRanger, finally allowing me to consider that team complete, making me happier than it really should. I got the first figure from the team, the great Red Ranger, a full year ago! So it took approximately a year to finish a team of 6 members, which sounds crazy but its actually not too bad. Many of the most popular teams see completion within a short period of time, but even then you will see 30 Wolverines and Spider-Men before you get there.


Hrmmm my YellowRanger figure looks a bit different than this guy here…

Less recognized teams may never see completion regardless of the fact that they have been around forever! One fine example is Marvel’s Inhumans; created in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby,this Royal family has yet to see full action figure glory even though they have been kicking around for a good while!


BlackBolt (the King/leader) was released by Hasbro back in 2008, only to live a life of lonliness up until the new SDCC set released THIS year. The SDCC set which includes yet another BlackBolt, but includes his lovely wife Medusa… so now there are 2 out of at least 6 members. Maybe in another 6 years we’ll get Gorgon, and another BlackBolt.


Well at this point all I can do is at least enjoy the fact that my PowerRangers are living happily ever after. Much as I like that SDCC set I mentioned I will probably never get my hands on it as I did not attend the Convention and grabbing it in the aftermarket at a fair price presents yet another challenge.

Where did they all go?!

Just because a figure is released doesn’t mean you will actually be successful in finding it in the wild. By that I mean in an actual brick&mortar store at the actual released price. Why? Well because for whatever reason toy makers choose to short-pack certain figures… which is why there are 100s of Captain Americas out there and you can’t find a Black Widow to save your life. Of course there is also the issue of SCALPERS; the disgusting scum of the toy world that buy up all the figures you want to sell it back to you at a crazy inflated price.


Good thing he has 3 of them!

I suppose its all part of the fun in a messed up way. The hunt! God forbid it becomes TOO easy to collect them all, I mean who would enjoy/benefit from that? Not me that’s for sure….

So if you are able to finalize the members in your team, and if they are actually all released. and if by luck or cash you have managed to secure all the characters you may have an assortment of figures that bring satisfaction and peace to your life! However, and this applies to almost all collectors; finishing the team is just not enough, you want to get back in the game! So why not start another team and do it all over?
After its all said and done sticking to collecting particular teams may not make your life much easier… especially when collecting a team leads to collecting teams and you end up collecting everything anyways, now you’re just grouping them into teams!


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