These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends


There are TV shows that are great for background noise when you’re going through subreddits or chatting with friends on Whatsapp. Then there are shows where you should pay attention 100% of the time, otherwise you’ll miss subtle but important and incredibly entertaining clues to what it all means. Westworld definitely belongs to the latter.


Westworld is HBO’s newest series brought to you from the minds of: Jonathan Nolan, J.J. Abrams, and Lisa Joy. The TV show is about an extravagant getaway/amusement park where people pay good money ($40,000/day) to live out their fantasies as cowboys and cowgirls. You get to dress up and meet “people” in Westworld and go on adventures hunting down criminals, playing poker, drinking, partying, etc. So why is it so expensive? Well, you can do almost anything in Westworld no matter how violent or strange your interests may be and that’s because the “people” that live in Westworld aren’t people at all, they’re robots.

Best disguises ever

Simple but effective disguises

Hopefully the Nolan name sounded familiar to you and that’s because Jonathan Nolan is the brother of the brilliant film director, Christopher Nolan. Jonathan was the the co-writer for some of the best films of our time: Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar. If you’ve seen any of these movies, you’d know that Nolan always does a fantastic job when it comes to explaining concepts and Westworld is no exception. As always, he doesn’t awkwardly force exposition onto the audience to explain things, but organically incorporates the explanations through dialogue. Thus, I won’t go over the rest of the details about how this expensive amusement park works since Nolan does a perfect job explaining them in the very first episode.

Best writing team of ALL TIME

Best writing team of ALL TIME

I know some people might be turned off by a show with robots and A.I. because it’s very easy to assume that you’ll be seeing things that have been done to death by other TV shows and films (Ex Machina, I Robot, Battlestar Galactica). But please, let me assure – while Westworld obviously revisits common themes from these other TV shows and movies, it does so much more. This season definitely played the long game which means, don’t expect explicit twists and shocking moments in every single episode. But what you can expect is that everything that happens in each episode are subtle clues and hints that lead to an incredibly satisfying climax. How satisfying? You’ll want to re-watch the entire season once you’ve fully grasped the things that just transpired. If you’ve watched The Prestige, you can expect a similar experience.

Bears Beats...Battlestar Galactica!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

I think my favourite thing about watching Westworld has to be the online reactions and discussions it generates after every single episode. All the subtle clues and hints generated pages and pages of online discussions with well-supported theories and speculations. It’s a lot fun combing through them! These discussions and conversations made me feel like there was a real community of Westworld fans working together and collaborating to figure out what everything means.


Nerds around the world…unite!

Westworld is another great TV series from HBO which has already been renewed for a second season. You might think that you have everything figured out because of your prior experiences with A.I. TV shows and films, but trust me, Westworld still has a few tricks up its sleeve. If this still doesn’t convince you to watch the first season then think about this – if you’re a fan Nolan’s past work or even the popular video game, Red Dead Redemption, you’ll enjoy Westworld. Until next time, nerd out.


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