To the Moon!


When it comes to building toys I will either take an incredibly long time to follow the included instructions or I will forego the instructions completely and make some weird mess. For this reason I usually skip anything that requires actual assembling, unless of course there are awesome astronaut minifigures involved!

Last year I wrote a thing about the ongoing battle between building brick buds LEGO and MegaBloks, ultimately favoring MegaBloks over the Danish classic. The main reason I went with MB was due to them increasing articulation in their figures, and of course Power Rangers. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I came across a set of minifigures that I just could not pass up… because I love astronauts.


Now, I have no idea how these guys work into the Call of Duty universe as I can’t play a FPS to save my life. So I will turn to MegaBloks’ official words to give us all some inisght into this magical box of plastic goodness:

Taking the battle to a whole new level, the Icarus Troopers venture into space to raid the enemy Federation. Five highly detailed and super-poseable micro action figures in space suits, detachable backpacks and attachable weapons are mission-ready. You can build the satellite and lift your astronauts into orbit to bring the mission to life with incredible detail.
Ideal for ages 10 and up


  • Buildable satellite and display environment
  • Five highly detailed and super-poseable Icarus Troopers micro action figures with detachable backpacks
  • Highly detailed weapons


So yea I still don’t know the actual story here but I don’t really care. All I know is that for less than $20 I can get 5 awesomely detailed and surprisingly articulated mini astronaut figures with a little satellite thingy. As neat as the satellite is, it’s just a bonus accessory as far as I am concerned, so I’m really just going to focus on the figures here. Hope that’s cool by you.


Alrighty, after cracking open the box I was presented with a couple of bags full of tiny pieces. Looks like I would have to do some building after all! Yes I did need the instructions to build the satellite and base but I managed to figure out the figures on my own! I’m such a smartie! As you can see in the above image the 5 ‘nauts are all slightly different, I am not entirely sure how I feel about this. We also get 5 guns! Again they are all different. Pretty neat.


I really like these figures man! The details are so great and more articulation than I would have ever expected!
As far as paint goes they are mostly the same colour as the plastic they are cast in except for a few details in the suit and their helmets. No complaints about that over here. I’m very happy that they opted for better sculpts and poseability over paint.


As far as articulation goes there is a good number of joints considering the figure’s size. The head is a tiny ball-joint which is of course limited by the size of the helmet but still has decent swivel. The shoulders and elbows have great hinge/swivel movements. Hips are a T-Joint with great mobility, singled-hinged knees, wrist swivel, and a very limited waist swivel.. because of the backpack etc. Overall very satisfactory. So much more articulation than your standard LEGO guy or Minimates even.


“Hey who turned off the gravity? Hurr hurr hurr”

They can of course hold their guns with ease as they have your standard open mitten hands that one comes to expect from minifigures like this. The “base” comes with clear stands sticks that click on to the backpacks to allow for some “floating in space” action. Also the stands are used for holding the satellite in orbit or whatever.


Personally I don’t really like them holding guns because I never associate astronaut characters with GUNS, maybe if I had a few small Xenomorphs it would work better, but as it stands I will probably not be posing them with the guns… although they do look kinda cool.. hrmmm…


“Bring it on!!”

On to the comparison shot! I can’t keep mentioning other minifigures without actually comparing them side by side!


Starting from the left we have a Wolverine Minimate, one of our Icarus Astronaut dudes, Blue Ranger from MegaBloks, and a LEGO IronMan.
Really the only thing they all have in common are the hands, oh and they all have pegholes on the bottom of their feet that are more or less the same size. Would have been nice if the Icarus figs were the same size as other MegaBlok figures in order to maybe combine pieces, but whatever. I just love how much detail is in the sculpt!! Its not just a cube body with decals. Damn, now I want to get my hands on some other Call of Duty MB figures for the sake of variety! >_<


Drawing Buddy!

In conclusion, I love these guys.
Sculpt is excellent. Details are excellent. Articulation and accessories are excellent. But what matters the most is how much fun they are! Maybe its because I love astronauts or maybe its because of how tiny and poseable they are but they are just so great to keep in your pocket and explore the world! Since astronauts are basically explorers of the unknown the possibilities are endless! I highly recommend picking up this set or really any other such set from Megabloks! They got some good stuff going on!
I will now go play with ma toys. Peace out!


“Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!”


“We did it! We found the caramel!”


“Dammnit Jenson hurry!”


“How the hell will I escape this crazy planet?!”


“Something is out there Claire! I’m positive!”


“We are definitely being watched…”

I am seriously having too much fun with these.
Wonder how many other sets they will release… oh man!


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