twenty – twelve

hey so the world didn’t end. thats pretty awesome right? there were no ‘splosions, no monsters, no Cthulhu, no nada. well since we aren’t all dead i guess that means that we are all scribbling down our crazy New Year’s resolutions… new year, same promises, different expectations. well if anything i think we should at least learn from last year’s mistakes and not repeat them, while all the while being brave enough to make new ones!

well speaking of Cthulhu and the world ending. Hellboy!

the internet has been challenged by The Mooks. the challenge? draw Hellboy and tweet it. start the new year off with a BANG! or a POW! from the monstrous right hand of doom! so yea. now you know. draw Hellboy. tweet it under hashtag #drawhellboy . i know i’m gonna do it and you should too!

have a good year e’erybody!



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