Welcome back Spidey!

Not since 2002 have I been so pumped to see Spider-Man on the big screen! To have our beloved Peter Parker back home “in’ the MCU is  a dream come true and boy does this first film deliver!! Have you seen it yet? You definitely should!!

Ever since learning of Tom Holland being cast as the new, younger,  MCU-friendly wall-crawler I have been singing Marvel’s praises in reaching this amazing agreement with Sony and casting what would be the perfect Peter Parker.
No I did not know anything about Holland beforehand but it didn’t take long for him to win me over. He has an infectious energy about playing Spidey that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Tobey Maguire was a decent Peter Parker, and admittedly a good Spider-Man (until he went emo), on the flipside Garfield was a fun Spider-Man but a terrible Parker! Then along comes Tom Holland and brings the two sides of the Spidey/Parker to life like never before!

I had a nice goofy grin on my face from the very beginning til the very last second after the credits!
Finally we have the Spider-Man we have been waiting for! A wonderful combination of High-School awkwardness, classic Spidey banter, and web-slinging action that make Spider-Man who he is.
The fact that Sony is now playing nice with the MCU makes everything that much sweeter!
Unlike past Spider-Movies this one is able to go deeper into the Spider-Man mythos with tons of Easter eggs and Marvel movie references to make any Marvel fan giggle and squirm in their seat!

I’ve probably gushed enough about Tom Holland so lets move on to the other amazing casting choice! The incomparable Michael Keaton! Oh man!!
Its no surprise that Keaton brings some serious credibility to the film with his mad acting skills, successfully turning the normally goofy Vulture character into a scary, mean man not to be taken lightly.
And to have the Birdman play another birdman is just too awesome!

Now I feel the need to own a badass Vulture figure! And of course a Birdman figure to go with it would be pretty dope but alas not an actual thing.

Choosing The Vulture as this Spidey’s first movie Villain was also a  fantastic choice! Not to mention all his criminal buddies that make appearances!
This movie serves as a perfect jumping point for a long series of movies (good thing Holland is so young) to entertain fans for years to come! Really makes you wonder why the Tobey Maguire movies would choose to start off with the Green Goblin, I mean come on you guys plan ahead!

So you probably noticed a lot of RDJ/Tony Stark/Iron Man in the trailers and promotional materials. If you are anything like me you took this as a negative move. Don’t get me wrong, I like Iron Man as much as the next Marvel guy but I would hate for this new Spidey movie to become Iron Man #4!
Fortunately my nerd prayers were answered and although Stark IS in the movie its not overkill. If anything its jussssst enough to integrate this flick into the MCU fold.

In conclusion the only complaint I might have is that I wanted MORE! So many threads to pull and unravel!

If you’re a fan of the nerdy Peter Parker thats just trying to juggle high school, crushes, and bullies while trying to be the best damn super hero he can be then this is the Spidey movie for you!

I would have to give it a tough 4.5/5. Just to be a jerk and not give it a full 5. Maybe next time!

Spider-Man : Homecoming, a great addition to the Marvel Movie-verse! Just good quality Spidey-Fun for the whole family to enjoy! Sure you could argue that its just more of the same stuff that Marvel has been putting out for the past number of years but Hey if its not broken don’t fix it!

Spidey dodging critics :p

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