Wonder Woman: Back to Basics

The last three DC movies were financially successful but at best, these movies received mixed responses from critics and fans. So there was A LOT of pressure on this film as not only was it Wonder Woman’s first big solo debut, this was also the first female superhero movie in a long time, and finally, it was DC’s last chance to make a film that everyone enjoys before people gave up on this superhero universe. So how was it? Wonder Woman wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was a great action-packed film with heart, optimism, and inspiration.


Wonder Woman is your standard superhero-origin movie, which isn’t a bad thing. Patty Jenkins (director) used a formula that’s worked for decades with other superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman. While the movie does nothing groundbreaking, the movie does predictable things, but they’re done incredibly well. First and foremost (and very surprisingly) Gal Gadot makes a fantastic superhero and did an awesome job in this movie. Shocking right?

I’ve seen Gal Gadot in the Fast and Furious movies and obviously in BatmanVSuperman and I was pretty skeptical and had my doubts that she could not only be a leading actress in her own film, but I really didn’t think she could successfully launch Wonder Woman on the big screen and restore faith in the DC movies. Perhaps she just needed the right director? Either way, Gal Gadot flawlessly portrayed Diana’s optimism, heart, humour, and strength in the movie.

Don’t worry DC, I got this

The action is a lot fun in this movie and I’m glad they gave Diana and the other Amazon warriors a very specific fighting style that reflected their strength, agility, and strategic thinking. It would’ve been easy for Patty Jenkins to have Diana just smash through everyone with her strength, but instead, she put in the time and effort to have Diana use a really cool and unique fighting style. Wonder Woman uses her brains and brawn when she takes people down.

As previously mentioned, this movie is a very standard superhero origin story: Diana discovers the true potential of her strengths and abilities, wants to do the right thing and save everyone, and defeat the big evil antagonist at the end of the movie. Although this format provides us with nothing new, I want to praise Patty Jenkins for delivering the BEST love story in a superhero movie…EVER! The romance between Diana and Steve isn’t the main focus of the film, but it’s an incredibly important part and it is done really well. There are a few calm and quiet scenes of Diana and Steve just talking and these scenes don’t necessarily progress the main story, but they’re fantastic scenes for character and relationship development. These scenes didn’t feel out of place or forced, but they were just natural parts of Diana’s story. Who would’ve thought that Diana and Steve would have a better live-action love story than other iconic superhero couples like Superman and Lois or Spiderman and Mary Jane? Certainly not me, but I was pleasantly surprised.

This is how you do romance in a superhero movie

While the movie was a lot of fun, it definitely wasn’t perfect and things fall apart pretty badly at the very end. I’m not sure why superhero movies keep doing this, but the final fight was far too long, with an excessive amount of CGI, and a convoluted explanation for the antagonist’s motivations. However, despite this setback, Wonder Woman is still a great movie. If you love Wonder Woman or if you’re a big fan of old-school superhero origin movies, then you should definitely watch this film in the theatres.  It just goes to show that sometimes it’s just better to keep things simple.

Until next time, nerd out.

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