Zombie fatigue, no more!

Even after all these years, zombies are still popular. The Walking Dead season 5 premiere had 17 million viewers. But are you like me and getting zombie fatigue? Do you feel like you’ve read, heard, played, and seen every single aspect of zombies and the apocalypse? Then you should watch BBC’s In the Flesh. This zombie TV series is brilliant, refreshing, but still familiar at the same time.

As usual, spoiler free.

What I’m about to say might make you really angry. Like, really angry, depending on your level of nerdiness:

I do NOT love The Walking Dead!

I used to watch every new episode immediately after it aired. Now, I can wait until Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever because I’m not aching to watch it. It’s just…whatever. I started losing interest after the Governor storyline just like how I lost interest in reading the comics after the Governor storyline. The Walking Dead explored every interesting aspect of a zombie apocalypse up to the end of the Governor storyline: waking up to the apocalypse, reuniting with family and friends, losing friends and family, getting bitten by zombies, fighting zombies, building a crew, traitors within a crew, cannibals, having children, finding a new and “safe” community to join, and of the course the most exciting aspect, dealing with bad human beings. Everything after the Governor has just been basically been about encountering bad people. Yes, they have different names and their own little variations but at the end of the day, it’s just Rick and the crew dealing with bad people.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

I still love seasons 1-3? Don’t hate me Rick!

So I thought with this zombie fatigue plaguing my system (that’s pretty clever right?) I’ll never get back into zombies the way I used to. Then my best friend told me about this TV show, In the Flesh. I know, it doesn’t sound like a zombie show, it sounds more like errr…a different genre. But trust me, it’s a zombie show and I love it!

In the Flesh focuses on the events after a zombie apocalypse when humanity’s developed a cure. However, the cure isn’t 100%. I mean if it was, then it wouldn’t make an interesting story right? The cure is medication that the zombies have to take on a daily basis. Otherwise, they revert back to their zombie mental state.

That’s not all, the daily medication doesn’t even cure the zombies 100%. With the medication, they basically regain normal brain function so remember their old lives, speak, act, think, etc. However, they still look like zombies with dead white eyes, pale white skin, and they’re numb to pain. Finally, they can’t digest food or water.

So what’s so interesting? Well the TV show focuses on how people are trying to rebuild their lives after the zombie apocalypse. The protagonist, Kieren, is a cured zombie who has to wear contact lenses and skin foundation on a daily basis so he doesn’t creep out his family and other human beings. Kieren also has to deal with his memories as a zombie. That’s right, he remembers eating people! Can you imagine what it would be like to remember what it was like to be a zombie and to remember all the things you did? Yikes!

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

Can you guess which one’s the cured zombie with too much makeup?

As Kieren is dealing with his new life as a cured zombie, he also has to deal with the pressures of society. His family obviously loves him and they’re happy he’s back, but want things to be normal again. But how is that possible when Kieren looks like a zombie, doesn’t feel pain, and can’t eat or drink?

Sounds complicated? Well, there are still more complications! There are people in Kieren’s town who hate cured zombies and believe that they can turn back into zombies at any point and pose a threat to humanity! Technically they’re right. I mean, if they miss their daily medication, they do turn back. So these zombie haters obviously mistreat Kieren and others like him – can’t eat in the same seating areas with other human beings, can’t get regular jobs, etc.

They’re so nerdy…but still cool at the same time

The government provides support programs to cured zombies. How thoughtful!

Well if there’s an extreme group on the human side, there must be an extreme side from the cured zombies? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Of course there’s a group of cured zombies who believe they’re the next step in evolution and they shouldn’t have to submit to society’s rules and regulations. Clearly, humans and cured zombies can’t coexist peacefully.

Finally, I thought this final aspect sounded a bit hokey when I first caught wind of it in the TV show, but after watching both seasons, I can say this aspect is just as interesting as everything else I mentioned: zombie religion. That’s right, the extreme zombie group has a religion with traditions, rituals, disciples, and prophecies.

In the Flesh offers new and innovating dimensions to the zombie lore, but don’t worry traditional zombie-lovers, it still has horror, suspense, and intense zombie eating action that’ll get your palms sweaty and your heart pumping. Whether you’re obsessed with zombies, used to be obsessed but fatigued from the oversaturation of zombie media, or just a fan of good television that’s basically about social outcasts, check out In the Flesh!

Until next time, nerd out.

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