Zombies and Candies

Well kids, another Halloween has come and gone, unfortunately it doesn’t seem nearly as magically awesome as it was back when I was a kid. Back in the day when I was but a wee lad, it felt like we walked miles upon miles in search of treats; every house decorated and spookified to the nines… now, not so much. Not to say that its all dead, something, something, <insert pun>… The Walking Dead!

As I type this my pumpkins are slowly rotting on my front lawn, my crappy fake cobwebs are losing their grip on the brick walls, October has ended and with it the Halloween-ing hype. I was really excited this year, looking forward to the hordes of kids dressed as one of the many superheroes that made their appearances on the big-screen this year, also The Walking Dead was back on the tube, candy was sold in bulk, I didn’t have to work… things were looking purdy good. The magical night came and went, we got about 14 kids; a Supergirl, a Batgirl, a Dad as a Madman, and other stuffs, with the of course a few older kids that were barely even trying. Afterwards we went over to Elia’s for some candy and movies and beers. Long story short, kinda slow, quiet, kinda lame, but we were happy.

October is over but the fun is not, we still have bags of candy, and of course the Girlfriend and I finally got around to catching up the new Season of The Walking Dead!! The books are awesome, Kirkman is awesome, Season One, also awesome.

The Second Season is looking pretty good 3 episodes in, this combined with the cats at the Marvel Universe Action Figures Facebook group encouraging us nerdy collectors to assemble our best Zombie Crew a la The Walking Dead, well… what else can I be thinking of other than Zombies!

So there I was, looking at my collection before heading off to work, trying to assemble a team that wouldn’t just stand a chance against a bajillion Zombies, but would also make for a good story… so, not the most powerful, or the most obvious answer in regards to who would survive. Many factors had to be considered; team dynamics, personal reasons to survive through awful crap, skills, and of course wardrobe.

Ready for Zombies? No. Maybe. Yes.

So heres how I see it, you need an Old Soldier/Cop/Sheriff to know shit and lead, you need brute force, brains, someone to lose their shit when it gets really bad, someone you can’t trust but need, and of course a weak link that many secretly hope would die early on.

Since I can’t… well, don’t bring my action figures to work I had to whip out some paper and pen action in order to organize my brain thinking. Since the Marvel Universe is loaded with such a huge assortment of overpowered beings I figured it would only make sense that the characters are somehow not at 100% power; leaving them closer to human AKA more fun and at risk at becoming dinner.

The Convict, The Nutcase, The Risk, The Soldier and the Raw Power.

Of course one needs to factor in the fact that Storm is a claustrophobe and a bit unbalanced due to her past with Shadow Master in order to properly give her the title of the crew member that slowly loses her shit and becomes more and more a liability. Whereas Deadpool is just coocoo-bananas to begin with but definitely useful what with his arsenal. After figuring out this far it was just a matter of gathering the figs and assembling some kind of backdrop.

Threw in an IronMan, and a Hummer... and a dog.

Of course lets not forget the real stars of the show. Da zombies themselves! Making zombies shouldn’t be hard for anyone, as really we all know what a zombie looks like. They are gorey, and ugly, and feet-dragging… also some of them dance.

In order to make my zombies I grabbed some crappy Gi Joe bad guys I had kicking around, you know the uhhh super generic Cobra bad guy ones, I don’t remember what they are called… but that’s hardly important. T’was an easy task, all it took was some paint and some hot glue-gun action. Actually truth be told they were wicked rushed and once I find more “free” time I am totally going to remake them into some serious undead action.

Zombie Joes

Other than having the right team there are always a series of rules that one has to follow in order to survive until… until you get saved? You need somewhere safe to stay for however long it remains safe to stay there, you need weapons to defend yourselves, you need a form of transportation to get around, medical supplies of some kind and of course food and clean water. So here I go playing with toys some more.

Try not to get cornered.

Getting cornered, tripping, running off on your own, and having sex at the wrong time usually leads to death.

You should practice the Buddy System!

Even though driving the huge Winnebago makes sense in regards to it being a car AND a house, I’m sure it drains gas like crazy and of course doesn’t handle the greatest. It seems to be working out pretty good for the Walking Dead crew but I just cant see that happening. I would totally go for a nice tough Hummer… which of course means I am contradicting myself. OK fine, I would get some motorcycles and swords! Or a SMART car!! Perhaps they are smart enough to avoid Zombie hordes!


Well I think I am done rambling about Zombies and prepping for the Zombies. Oh which reminds me! I need an axe! Axes seem to be key to coming out on top, oddly enough I got an email yesterday which led me to these nifty looking axes. Maybe not the best for cranium cracking, but they look nice. :) I also need a cross-bow. So yea, if any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas… now you is in the know. And knowing is half the battle! BAM!!

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  1. Matt says:

    Without a single doubt in my mind, it’s one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen!

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